I Just Want To Turn Y’all On To Something Else

Sometime back I became concerned that something may happen to Facebook or mine and Facebook’s relationship and all of my stories would go up in smoke.

I was made aware of a program or perhaps it’s a platform called WordPress. That is what I’m typing this narrative into now. It is more of a blog format.

Besides the security that all my words are just being entrusted to Facebook, I found that by using WordPress I could dress up my stories with better graphics, insert photos and go back and edit articles much easier than going directly to FB.

You can probably tell which stories are written in WordPress and at times, when I don’t really care whether I am able to retain a post, I’ll bypass WordPress.

The added benefit of using WordPress, a person can access my site there and read stories directly from there without logging onto FB.

That is especially good for sharing stories with people that don’t use FaceBook.

There are downsides to reading it straight from WordPress, because you don’t see other people’s comments and their reaction to a story. Sometimes the comments are better than the story.

To log directly into to my WordPress site, type in AngoraChronicles.com

The stories on there are cataloged by date, with the most recent at the top. Look it over and let me know what you think.

For now I’ll for sure have the stories in both places. When I want to rerun something from the early days of The Angora Chronicles, I copy it from FB and dump it into WordPress.

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