The Bet

I need some of my friends on here to help me. I’m having a little trouble collecting a bet out of my brother. He has just locked completely down and won’t even discuss paying me. I’m thinking there may have to be some public shaming needed to get him to turn loose of that money.

Here’s what happened. I was telling him about the story I told on here a couple weeks ago about this hunting trip we took up to Utah back in about 1984 or 85. When I got to the part about how he, Coy Foust and Rick Skinner (a fellow we’d been working with out at Lakeway) had driven out there in a rented Winnebago and me and David Jordan flew on an airplane to Salt Lake City and rendezvoused with them a day or so after they got out there.

Almost immediately he launched into how I had that story all screwed up, that David Jordan had been with them in the motorhome. I distinctly remember the process of David taking his gun on the plane going out there, because he had been kind of an afterthought about going.

See as we were getting ready to go and seeing how we’d have room for David I suggested that I should call him an get him to come along. What are brother in laws for. He jumped on that idea immediately but would have time to get everything together in time to send his gun and gear with them.

That is exactly how it all happened. Anyhow Kenny, on the phone said “Well just how much do you want to bet that David didn’t ride out there with us”? I ran a few numbers in my head, and it being right before Christmas I came up with an amount I figured Madeline had spent on buying presents for all them kids and grandkids. So I said “I bet you $6,000.”

Of course he was so sure of himself that he said “I’ll just take that bet” or words to that effect. He actually threw in a couple of expletives, but since I’m the lessor foul mouthed of the two of us, I’ll just leave it at that.

As soon as I hung up the phone with Kenny, I rang up David. He was up in Kansas hunting at the time. He remembered the story just like I did, to a tee. Then I called Coy, and he too substantiated my story.

I’ll admit I was appreciative enough to each of them that I agreed to give them a couple hundred dollars for siding with me. Not that I had to, but that’s just how I was raised.

Here is a link to that Utah Hunting Trip Story:

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