When A Situation Presents Itself, I Always Say Take Advantage

Earlier this week I arraigned a lunch date with two high school friends, Sam Hall and Ronald Mayfield, from high school.

They were good friends back in Marble Falls, but hadn’t seen each other since, which was about 50 years.

We established that 11:30 AM at County Line on the Lake would be the place and time.

I was passing near one of our projects where my middle son, Ron Jr was at. I thought it would be nice if he could join us, to get a flavor of what old time friendships are like. He jumped in an we headed out. Along the way there I received a text message from Mr. Mayfield, saying he would be a few minutes late. He had a late breakfast, so told us to go ahead and order and he’d just get something to drank.

We were a few minutes early and than Sam arrived just at 11:30. We all three met near the entrance of the place. I said “Sam you remember Ronald, don’t you. He looks like he’s had a lot easier life than either of us”. I knew instantly that Sam had taken the bait.

We went in and immediately the hostess took us out on the back patio where we she seated us. Throughout the time we were ordering and getting our drinks, I mostly set back observed as Sam and Ron carried on this lengthy conversation about the old days. Then the big question was popped. “Ronald what kind of work have you been into”. I hadn’t properly filled Ron in on Mr. Mayfield’s life, so he popped up and said he was retired, but had been a doctor. At that point I thought well I guess the jig is up.

Instead it got into “what kind of a doctor?” Ron answered, “an Anesthesiologist”. Sam spent several years driving an ambulance in Austin so knows a good many doctors. So the conversation went from this doctor to that hospital and on and on. Ron stayed with him pretty well by letting Sam do most of the talking and Ron just agreed with most everything he said. Time passed and I continued to sit without saying a word.

Then this fellow that looked like Old St. Nick himself walked across the deck arriving next to Sam. I said “Sam you remember Ronald don’t you?” It took poor Ol Sam few seconds to figure out what had just happened, as I introduced Ronald to my son Ron. Sam said “damn y’all had me going”.

We had a nice visit and a lot of laughs. Looking forward to next time.

What even made this all the stranger, Ron Jr. made one of the legendary trips to Mexico with Sam and me, just a year or two ago. In Sam’s defense, he had a bad case cataracts, that he has since got fixed. Other than that, I’ve got no other explanation.

We did a reverse Oreo Cookie photo.
(Sam’s words, not mine or maybe it was Mayfield’s)
Sam had his supper in the box and I think it was time for him to head home for a nap.

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