The Girls and Their Music

I never had the chance to be around teenage girls, since I was a teenager myself. Well except the ones my 5 boys managed to drag to the house with them as they got old enough to date.

When I started getting granddaughters, (Holly now a couple of years out of college & Emma started her second year of college last month) the two older ones got old enough to really start getting into music and needing me to take them places, I was in for a real treat. I learned to cope with their music by buying albums they liked, (the ones that I could stand to listen to) and downloading them to my iPhone.

I knew there was no way to separate kids from their music, so I if I was going to enjoy them, I’d have to meet them on their playground. I would listen to them when I was alone so I’d be more into their music. I guess I was force feeding myself a diet of young girl music. What I found out was I really enjoyed the “Glee” type music, and a few of the other singers, so when they would get in the car with me their music would be playing, so the battle was already over. I would always try to surprise them with what new stuff I had gotten into.

But now we dial the clock forward a couple of years and I can no longer keep pace with what they are listening to. Nor do I have a desire. It’s back to songs that the words aren’t distinguishable. It’s noise. Noise like it was when my boys were coming up in the 80’s and 90’s. Trust me, it may not be the songs, it could easily be my hearing that’s gone and I can’t understand anything that’s going on. I bet Madeline has an opinion on this. One Saturday night I took them out to dinner in Marble Falls. On the way back to Bertram I decided to have my way and listen to some of the songs I grew up with. As I started playing them I could hear them in the back seat singing right along with every song. Songs I know they had never heard before. Within seconds of the next one starting to play, they’d be right there signing and not missing a word. Then I figured out. On their iPhones they have an app that immediately pulls up the lyrics and we had a night of karaoke right there in my car.

They enjoyed it and I enjoyed it. They actually were pretty good. I wasn’t ready to get home. It thought about just driving around and letting them sing their hearts out all night. But I figured there’d be something to look forward to next time.

2 thoughts on “The Girls and Their Music

  1. When my kids entered the years of enjoying “top 40” music (or what passed for the most popular stuff between 1997 and about 2010) I said to each of them, “If you ever hear me say something about how music was so much more sensible when I was your age, all you have to say back to me is ‘Freddy and the Dreamers’, and I’ll shut up.” I don’t know if it worked, but it reminded me that I enjoyed a lot of junk between the ages of 12 and 20.

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