It Set There All Day

When Kenny had a ranch in Mexico and was going back and forth a lot, so he bought a helicopter. He also used it to look at projects around the state. It was pretty handy.

I had a lease agreement with him, so when I’d need to get around to take care of business it was at my disposal. To make sure I was as cool as my brother I built a helipad at my house. The pilot would fly in, grab me and we could leave Bertram and be in Arlington, Tx in an hour and twenty minutes.

One day a few years ago he was flying me up to Lubbock to look at a project we were bidding. It was early morning. I ran over to the store to grab something while I waited on my ride. I had bunch of stuff I was carrying along so when I got back I pulled up close to the pad.

In a short while he landed and we went headed to Lubbock. Late that afternoon Madeline called me to see if there was a reason for my Suburban to be setting there with the engine running. Son Mike happen to come by and noticed it.

I had pulled up and left it running that morning. Even more amazing, it was setting there running with it still in drive for about 10 hours.

Now with the days of the helicopter far in our past, I feel like a pimp without a whore except I’ve got a helicopter pad with no helicopter.

This is right where I parked that morning and made a mad dash across the cattle guard to the helicopter.

7 thoughts on “It Set There All Day

      1. We raised our kids overseas, with periodic trips to the US to see relatives and such. I taught them NOT to cry outm, “we’re going down!” when the cabin crew would announce, “We have begun our descent into Los Angeles.” And especially not to scream out “We’re all going to die” at that moment. Although both statements were 100 percent true, (helicopters do, also “drop out of sky”) we just don’t say them.


      2. I lost one of my best friends and mentor to a helicopter crash and a short time before, maybe 2 years, I’d lost my other longtime friend and mentor in the construction business to a plane crash. They were both elderly gentleman.


      3. If my comments have caused you distress, I truly apologise for being flippant. I’ll be more considerate in the future, that I promise.


  1. Not at all. I didn’t take anything at all that way. I’m glad that in both cases, those friends were doing exactly what they loved, they were flying.
    I’ll shared stories I’ve written about each man, Udo and Dave.


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