Sam From Sales

We were talking a day or so back about Radio Personalities and the chemistry some have together.

I found this (and many more) YouTube clips of an afternoon skit that Hal Jay (the in-studio DJ) and Dick Siegel (helicopter pilot flying around doing traffic reports) and one of the news guys that would pose as Sam From Sales.

At an appointed time, “Sam” would come in and spend a few minutes telling a story about something going in his life.

In the background you could always hear the whirrrr of Dick’s helicopter, and the almost constant distinctive laughs of both Hal and Dick.

This is one of the shorter clips I found, just so I don’t bore you too long if you happen to not find their schtick as amusing as I did.

Just before Christmas each year the Radio Station, WBAP, would compile a number of these skits and put them on cassettes that they would sell to raise money for DFW Area Charities. For a good number of years I would buy them because I didn’t always hear them live, as I lived 200 miles south of Dallas and I also had another life other than listening to the radio.

For those that in the Metroplex, the Hal and Dick Show that many people enjoyed during their drive time for many years.

While I still hear Hal occasionally, with other cast members, none compare to those shows from back in the 80s and 90s when he partnered with Dick.

Sam From Sales

The Steak & Ale Episode

Hal and Dick – the younger years

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