Melvin Wright and The Country Store

You know you haven’t strayed too far from your early years when you can go to the refrigerator and make yourself a sandwich with ham, jalapeño cheese and Best Maid Sandwich Spread on plain white bread on a Saturday Night and it tastes just like Melvin Wright had made at the Country Store well over 50 years ago.

Of course I’d always get me a bag of BBQ flavored potato chips and a quart of Superior Dairies Chocolate Milk. The milk was to wash it down and the chocolate part was my dessert.

It tends to make me feel a bit weepy thinking back on those days.

8 thoughts on “Melvin Wright and The Country Store

  1. For the first 15 or so years of our sojourn in Taiwan, BEFORE the Costco chain opened emporia there, our fridge was stocked more eclectically. Then it began to look much the same on whichever side of the Pacific we were residing.
    We used, sometimes in Taiwan, to go into international grocery stores and look for familiar brands. Now in America, we sometimes go to Asian grocery stores to find the stuff that makes our taste buds sing.


    1. Just a while, with the toilet paper shortage and other things being in short supply as well, I discovered a new grocery chain that has sprung up around here, a South Korean Market.
      I went in a strolled around. They appeared to be out of all the things other domestic stores were.


      1. At the beginning of the toilet paper shortage (how long ago was that?) I saw a recommendation to check Asian stores because people were avoiding these out of a belief that they’d be more likely to get sick there. Kind of like avoiding Corona beer.


      2. I hadn’t heard that at the time, but I think I just reasoned it out was why I decided to give it a try.
        But I wandered around for quite a while and never even found a paper goods section. No one was talking to anyone else, so I finally eased out to my truck and headed home.


  2. Was the South Korean market on North Lamar at Justin Lane?….they have a great variety of kimchee products…I’ve been meaning to go there and get some more..want to try their kimchee cucumbers…


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