I live in a perpetural world of confusion

As we were sitting on the front porch this afternoon, with son Mike and Gail, the subject of the importance of electricity came up. I just made the comment “if we think people were upset not being able to buy toliet paper just wait until all the electric power goes off !”

Mike says hey y’all should watch this TV Show that he and Gail are just starting to rewatch – The Last Man on Earth. Since we are looking for something entertaining I said we would try it out.

Not wanting to commit to something misrable, I decided to get a jump start and watch the first episode while Madeline was away, delivering grandkids back home. I do that sort of thing, so I don’t end up being roped into something I’ll regret.

So I watched the first two episodes and really enjoyed them. Laughed all the way through both of them.

I texted Mike and Gail to tell them that I was really enjoying The Last Man Standing.

It wasn’t exactly what they had described. But it was entertaining enough. Maybe it’s the age difference that lets people see different things in programs.

Then the text from Mike came explaining that I was watching the wrong show. It’s The Last Man on Earth, not Last Man Standing.

Okay, so I tried an episode of the On Earth one. It could be entertaining but I think I’m liking Tim Allen and The Standing one.

How’s that for confusion !!!!

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