Early Boyhood Memories

The Old Oak Tree at my grandmothers house along the highway in Smithwick (we lived in that house until I turned 4) that we played under and climbed in when we were kids. There were always at least a half dozen well made toy trucks and equipment, all constructed from metal that made their home under this marvelous tree.

The Old Crib and Pens down behind the house. It is very weathered, considering it hasn’t been used or had any upkeep in more than 50 years. It was several decades old when I was a kid, for it to still be standing is a miracle. Walk away from any structure built today and return after a half century and see what has happened to it. Most likely it wouldn’t be like this.

Lucky is the guy that can go back and visit those special places from their youth, whether physically or in your mind.

Love and Marriage

This is the title to a very popular song in the mid 1950’s. I’m sure you have all heard it.

It was the theme song played at the beginning of the 90’s TV show Married With Children. You know with Al Bundy. Yes, I get ask all the time if anyone ever told me I look like Al Bundy. I always try to have a clever response handy when that happens.

This song reminds me of my very first memory. I would have been 3 years old going on 4.

We were living in Smithwick. There were a bunch of us cousins, at our little house on the highway. Probably Boultinghouse’s, Carson’s maybe even a Lackey thrown in. We were all down under the big oak tree, playing in the dirt with the trucks and equipment.

Our Aunt Maxine, my mother’s baby sister (we called her Cokie) and an older cousin, Charlotte were babysitting us while all the grown ups were away, doing whatever grownups did when they all came together in Smithwick.

My instructions to them were to call me when a certain song came on the radio.

Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
This I tell you brother
You can’t have one without the other.

I told them to tell me when the Horse Eating Carrots song came on.

You know Horse and Carriage – Horse Eating Carrots.

So when the song came on I ran as fast as I could from the big oak tree to the house to hear my song. I really do remember running up to the house.

Cokie asked me many times in my life if Horse Eating Carrots was still my favorite song. I weaved the story about a Horse Eating Carrots into the eulogy at her funeral.

She was a special lady that leaves many special memories for me and anyone else that spent time with her.

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