Cecil Lewis Was Always Resourceful And He Taught Us

In the early days of our roadbuilding careers, there was a need to haul heavy pieces of equipment, mostly a D-7 Caterpillar Bulldozer, from Smithwick to Jonestown. We didn’t always have trucks that had the horsepower and the gears to get us over all the hills. We knew from experience which ones were going to give us fits, so I’d go along in a pickup and before we’d get to one of those such hills we’d pull over and hook a chain to the front of the truck and I could give just enough of a tug with the pickup to keep his momentum up and sail over those hills.

It was amazing how good our team work was. Of course if I knew there was another hill not far on down the way I’d just keep going. It seemed like a lot of trouble stopping and starting all the time. Kenny didn’t always agree with my methodology but he either went along or he’d have to brake hard enough to drag me to a stop.

Of course depending on the day, he would want me to keep going and I’d stop which didn’t suit him. Needless to say that would cause a roadside conflict.

That boy was a hard one to figure out. I’d mostly stay in the pickup until he unhooked the chain, then I’d take off. I was just giving him time to cool off, which he usually did.

He and Cecil Lewis were a lot alike in that respect.

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