I Am Very Fortunate That My Mother Kept So Many Of The Little Keepsakes From My Childhood

I have so many things now to look back on and to help me recall my childhood, all thanks to my mother.

This little wallet is an example of the things she held onto, on my behalf.

The remote isn’t really old, but is being used to demonstrate the small size of that wallet.

This very small kid size wallet, that my mother name and address in, was from Mexico. As you can see I carried it many a mile. How it survived is beyond me. This was bought in the very early 1960s.

On the same trip there was a new pair of boots and a belt. The boots and belt are long gone, but the buckle survives.

Now let me tell you about this buckle. Well Kenny and I both got buckles just alike, except for the five stones that were set on each corner, with one in the middle. The little buckles were very small by today’s western buckle standards. Maybe 2 1/2″ long x an 1 1/4″ tall. Kenny’s had blue round stones with the center one was a larger oval. Mine had pink ones. What was even more troubling than the pink stones, with mine the center one was a heart.

The only thing that I can think was there were only the two colors to choose from, so Kenny saw to it that I didn’t get one just like his. That was the way things went back in those days. So here I was running around everywhere wearing a leather Mexico belt with a buckle that had pink rhinestones. It wasn’t easy being me, I’ll tell you for sure.

Now for whatever reason that buckle has survived for almost 60 years.

On second thought, I’m not so sure my mother keeping things like this was really such a great idea.

As I think back to the pink rhinestones, and perhaps I’m unearthing some repressed memories.

Maybe it’s best to leave the past in the past.

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