Cec’s Pry Bar

One More Today From Kenny Lewis

Ronnie and I had our share of mishaps growing up and for that reason, were known by the men of the community as being rather reckless. Among those men was one of Dad’s closest friends, Brown Parker. He always said that “Cec could have been a millionaire had he knocked the two of us in the head when we were pups”.

Daddy owned a pry bar that had previously been a truck axle. It was at least six feet long and 1 ½” in diameter. Brown always swore that it was the only thing Cecil Lewis owned that we couldn’t tear up. We had a D7 Bulldozer that was very old when Dad bought it and it was in constant need of repairs.

One hot summer day we were at the shop by our house repairing the track on “ole Kate” as we called her. Ronnie’s job was to sit in the operator’s seat and bump the clutch slightly, as I used the infamous pry bar to work the track back in place. For those of you that know Ronnie, he wasn’t always the most attentive as a boy. Not paying full attention, he pulled the clutch too hard snapping it into gear. This caused the track to spin much faster, jerking the bar out of my hands, bending it at a 90 degree angle and chunking it 50 feet away into the middle of the parking lot.

As luck would have it, 30 seconds later over the hill comes Brown Parker. He drives directly up beside the bar looks down at it and says “well I’ll be damned”. Puts his pickup in reverse and without another word drives away. With all of our efforts to straighten that old bar, it just never was the same.

Kenny Lewis

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