A Really Fast Food Joint

Anyone remember when they built the new hamburger place on William Cannon at Manchaca Road. It was a GW Jr’s.

They started and worked around the clock to have it in operation in 24 hours and they did it. It was an attempt to set a record for the fastest fast food place to be built. They wanted to break a Guinness Book of World Records. Mostly a public relations stunt. Seemed to have worked. Forty years later and we are talking about it.

It was in August 9, 1979. How do I remember the date, you may ask. We lived a few blocks from there. I took my wife to St. David’s Hospital one morning to have our third son and it wasn’t there. They broke ground early that day. The next afternoon when I brought them home, they were selling hamburgers.

GW Jr’s was a spin-off off Church’s Fried Chicken. They made a great burger but that chain wasn’t around for very long before they all disappeared. It was several different businesses throughout the years. The last I remember it was a donut shop.

This is the way it looks today.

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