A Look Around The Old Coonie Mezger Place

I had the pleasure recently of paying a visit out to this historic Mezger place where I was shown a real treasure trove of historic memorabilia. It was like paying a visit to a Museum. From the construction of the home, the barn and the out buildings, to the many items collected by Coonie Mezger and his ancestors.

My thanks to Keith Mezger for his hospitality.

Windmill on a hand dug well.

The various types of rock work, depending on when it was built or added-on.

I really like this two-step water trough out by the windmill. For cattle and then a side for the more short legged ones – sheep, goats and dogs.

Barn and cedar rail corral fencing

Tool Shed Outfitted with a Stained Glass Window from the Old Methodist Church on US 281

Inside View with light behind it.

Below are a collection of photos snapped of various tools and household items.

Blacksmith Forge Blower

Antique Drill Press

Antique Shop Vise

A Wurlitzer Juke Box

When I went to the experts on Jukeboxes, this is what I was told.

David (Brun) and I (Jo Shifflett) believe early 50’s. It looks like it plays 78’s. The 45RPM was born in 1948. It took about 10 yrs to phase out the 78.

Ronnie, this is a lil before our time. Mother started Corral Vending in Jan. 1967. We did run Wurlitzer

Jukeboxes, but they were all 45’s. FYI, we have Internet boxes now and they hang on the wall. Funny how things change.

The Next Two Photos Are Antique Wooden Ice Boxes

Photograph of Local Men (?)

Spaetzle Maker

Antique Phones – Three Photos

Wash Rub Board

Warming Stones Two photos

Collection of Saws – Crosscut Saw, 2 Handsaws & A Bucksaw

Cotton Scales & Buck Saws

A Very Early Singer Treadle Sewing Machine

Per Marie Lechow – she thinks this is an early shoe and boot machine.

Wood Planes

Ranch Saddle

Ice or Log Thongs, Cattle Brands, Had Saws

Corn Sheller (?)

Extensive Bottle and Jar Collection

5 thoughts on “A Look Around The Old Coonie Mezger Place

  1. Neat stuff Ronnie…. The multi-color rock and mortar work on the house matches the stone work on old house on the ranch I grew up on. We were about twenty mile from Harper Texas and my guess is that one of Fredericksburg’s German Stone Masons built the house. It was there when dad bought the Ranch and I don’t know how old it was. My guess is that it was built in the early 1940. That old house had big chunks of petrified wood in it that came out of the back pasture. Harold D >


  2. Ronnie, loved the visit to Mr Metger’s place It is just around the corner from me. I spent a long time carefully going over the pic of the old Singer Sewing Machine. I think it might have been a very early boot/shoe machine. Did Keith know any history about it?


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