The History of SH 2/US 81/IH 35 Through Texas

State Highway 2, or SH 2, is a deleted Texas highway.

SH 2 was one of the original twenty-six state highways proposed in 1917, overlaid on top of the Meridian Highway and Gulf Division Highway. From 1919 the routing mostly followed present day Interstate 44 (I-44) from Oklahoma to Wichita Falls, and U.S. Highway 287 (US 287) to Fort Worth. It continued on, routed along present day I-35W and I-35 to Waco. From here, the road divided into two branches, both signed as State Highway 2.

The western branch followed the Meridian Highway from Waco, roughly following I-35 through Austin and San Antonio, and terminating in Laredo.

The eastern branch followed the Gulf Division Highway from Waco, routed along present day State Highway 6 through Bryan to Hempstead and into Houston. From there the routing follows US 75 into Galveston.

In 1926, US 81 was routed over SH 2 from Oklahoma to Laredo, while the Gulf Division branch was given a newly rerouted State Highway 6 number (cancelling the Eastern SH 2) from Waco to Houston. The remainder from Houston to Galveston was US 75. While the western routes were marked concurrently, by 1939, SH 2 was deleted in favor of US 81.

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