Catfish Hill…….It Didn’t Get Any Fresher Than That

Back in the 1980s we used go out east of Garfield on Wolf Lane to a place called Catfish Hill. They had the freshest fish you could possibly get. This is about 5 or 6 miles east of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

After you arrived, they’d walk out back, catch the fish out of a pond that was directly behind the restaurant, clean it, fry it up whole and serve it to you. The whole process didn’t seem to take any longer than going anywhere else for a meal.

The old fellow that owned place was Clarence Washington. I think everyone that worked there was family, with a daughter taking it over after Mr. Washington passed on in 1993.

I hear the place has been closed down for 12 or 15 years now.

You know what I found out about the Washington family while researching this? Dorothy Washington-Hewitt, a daughter of Clarence was in the food business also. She has been talked about a lot on Facebook. You probably know her as Dot, the lady that served us great food out of her cafeteria style place out on Howard Lane in north Austin, Dot’s Place. Later it moved to Pflugerville for a while after the place off of Howard Lane was lost in a fire.

So I guess you could say “Good Cooking Ran In That Family”.

This is the writing by Robert Falcon, a frequent visitor to this very fine establishment. He has a better grasp of the actual layout and history of the place.

2 thoughts on “Catfish Hill…….It Didn’t Get Any Fresher Than That

  1. It should be noted the pond shown in the article is Not the pond where the catfish were raised. Mr. Washington received funding from U.S. Agriculture dept with the assistance of U.S. Rep J.J. “Jake” Pickle to build a catfish farm. The ponds were below (Hence the name “Catfish Hill”) the restaurant and ponds can be seen in Google earth and are northwest of the pond pictured in the article. The actual restaurant is the rusted top just past the 90 degree turn to the left. The structure shown in the picture by the large pond would have been Mr. Washington’s residence and private pond behind the residence.


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