Sears Modern Homes

How many homes around Austin were Sears Kit Homes?

I would think there are many. Click on the first link below to check out the history of these very fine homes.

Then click the second link to see groupings of homes sold in various years from 1908-1940. By comparing the homes in these catalogs, you may find some in your neighborhood that are Sears Homes. You may be living in one and not realize it.

2 thoughts on “Sears Modern Homes

    1. Sorry for the oversight.
      I think I’ve identified 2 of the photos that came from you blogspot. I had done a screen shot of the grouping that came up in the full search.
      Would you like for me to delete those.
      Or if it makes more sense I’ll gladly delete the whole post.
      It becomes almost impossible and certainly impractical to spend the time to contact each and every person in a large grouping like this.
      It would become so littered with credits and acknowledgements that it becomes unreadable and uninteresting.
      My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.


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