Sidewalk and Curb Markings

Once upon a time, wherever you went around Austin, the concrete curbs and sidewalks had a stamp of the company that did the work. Maufrais Bros was the ones most often seen. While Maufrais Bros did the work, they also operated their own ready mix plant, which for many years could be seen east of Lamar, on the north side of West First St. (Cesar Chavez)

This article delves into the story of the Markings.

These are a few of the names you’d see:

In the older sections of the city, these stamps can still be seen, but are fast disappearing. Mostly they were placed adjacent to intersections, so even where the old curbs still remain, handicap ramps have been installed in more recent years, therefore removing the sections where the markings were.

I always wondered if they were done as a requirement by the city or the contracting firms did it as a way of advertising.

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