The Gift

Some of my best memories growing up was hauling hay and doing the hard work. I’m not sure why those are my best memories, but they are.

A few years ago when Madeline and I turned 60, our kids along with Kenny and Carol threw us a grand party out at Kenny’s place on Cow Creek.

Jimmy Palmer brought me one of the best gifts I could have received. It was his hay hook that had hung in his barn for all these years.

He wanted me to have it to remind me of the time that when he got out to open a gate and he got back in I had positioned his hay hook so that he plopped his big butt down in it.

It violated him pretty good (or would that be pretty bad). The old boy ”bled like a stuck hog” saying came to life that day.

We usually enjoyed doing things to each other, but I remember kinda feeling sorry for Jimmy at least for a few minutes.

If you notice, we for some reason always thought that sharpening them too a point was cool. They really didn’t need to be that sharp.

Anyway, I’ll always cherish this gift.

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