Some History Of Feed Stores In Marble Falls – The Early Days

We ran across a receipt in an old wallet than belonged to my Grandfather, Theron Lewis. He passed away in 1958.

The receipt was for a ton of cattle cubes from Winters Supply Company in Marble Falls. It was dated 8-12-1953.

I was not familiar with the business so I called Sam Burnam to see if that was the same business owned by his family, maybe at an earlier time. According to Sam, it was a different business and location. Winters Supply was located at the back of Bill Smiths Mobil Station that was at Highway 281 and 4th Street, SW Corner. He wasn’t sure when it closed but Foots Lewis either took it over or managed it for Winters.

Now how and when did RM Burnam Feed and Supply come around?

Sam said Mr. RM Burnam had 3 cattle trucks that he operated between this area and Fort Worth starting back in 1947. He would drop cattle off and haul cotton seed cake back and sell to the local ranchers. I believe he stored it, perhaps in the warehouse that was the Burnam Feed Store at 2nd and US 281, on the NE corner. I believe Sam said Felix Singleton watched over things in the early days.

It wasn’t until the early 1960s that RM Burnam Feed & Supply became a full service farm and ranch supply business. It was the place in Marble Falls to buy your boots and hats and other accessories to be a real cowboy during the 60s and beyond.

This was added later from the comments on a prior post.

3 thoughts on “Some History Of Feed Stores In Marble Falls – The Early Days

  1. My Grandfather was M. C Winters and he had hardware stores in Blanco, Johnson City, Marble Falls, Burnet and I think Lampasas. He sold some of them to the Withers and Krueger families. He was also in the cattle business and highway construction business.

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    1. Melvin Winters was a real legend.
      He called me one day and asked me to stop by his office as I passed thru Johnson City. As luck would have it, that particular day he had several old cronies there visiting. Cecil Ruby, Bill Allen and a couple more that I don’t recall. As a young fellow then, it was a real treat to sit and listen to their road building adventures for here to Costa Rica.


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