How Great Is The Internet !

While looking through a box of old papers and memorabilia, my brother sent me a photo of a card and it’s envelope that was addressed to our grandfather in 1938 at an Austin address. We knew he spent a long duration in the hospital back then due to a ruptured appendix.

We surmised that perhaps St. David’s Hospital was at 205 Caney St. in its early years. I knew we had a conversation on another FB group a while back about the old St. David’s, complete with photos.

So that pretty well eliminated it being on Caney St. in 1938.

I did a search of the 1940 census for that address. Up pops a name, Bera and Lloyd Fox, who was my Grandfathers sister and her husband. So it is likely our grandmother, Leona, stayed with during his extended stay in the hospital.

That’s why I say “How great is the Internet !”

What will the future hold?

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