Just A Little Misunderstanding

Oftentimes things aren’t what they appear to be. My case in point was when a West Coast (previously East Coast) fellow signed up on this group a few days ago and submitted a story, I mostly dismissed it as someone trying to garner attention with a bunch of babbling. That was brought on by the fact this person was a complete unknown to us and one misspelled word. When he used “fueling” instead of “dueling” it made me and perhaps others think we were being fueled in one way or the other. Other exchanges seemed only to fuel that notion, especially for me.

Then I found out that this member was actually being sincere and has a story to tell. We have been in good conversation though audio messaging during the past day. It is now clear to me that he wasn’t trying to put the shuck on anyone.

He feels that his life has been in turmoil due to a family connection to his McDonald Family, with a long standing feud between that family name and the Campbell Family. Prior to now, I had no knowledge of a long standing Scottish feud between the McDonalds and the Campbells.

In his attempt to explain his situation, I and others were talking more than we were listening. Below is a link to his original post and a regrettable follow up by me.


What I have learned is Harrison Love is an accomplished Author, Artist and Storyteller that had the very best of intentions when he decided to join up with our Angora Chronicles Group.

He was trying to get to the bottom of this curse that has impacted him for much of his life, but seems to be getting worse.

Furthermore he has written a book, in which he shared excerpts with me, that I find remarkable. He has had problems getting his book published and marketed over nearly a decade, due to circumstances which seem as much of a curse on him as is the McDonald-Campbell one. The two curses may not be related, but to him they are real. The book curse is wrapped around the story and mysteries surrounding the Amazon Region of Peru and its people.

For now I will just leave it there, but from what I’ve read there is much that is unknown about that region that needs to be told, and perhaps what Mr. Love has encountered may be the forces at work to suppress those stories from ever being told.

Given the right time, perhaps Mr. Love will be willing to go into it more deeply with our group. It’s truly fascinating.

I have taken the liberty to share a couple of the illustrations from his book, that he did himself.

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