The Mystery Of The Marble Falls Granite Marker

I recently came across this newspaper clipping. I haven’t been able to date it yet.

Mrs. W.W. “Iva” Fuller was a tenacious woman and this article demonstrates that. I talked to her daughter, Mary Alice, but she doesn’t remember the actual date of the article.

But it calls into question several things for me.

We had this Marble Falls Monument as a previous topic some time back.

It appears the monument was originally placed many years ago when Gen. Adam R. “Stovepipe” Johnson was still alive.

The monument was moved or rededicated in a 1962 ceremony that LBJ attended.

The Factory Building burned in 1964.

So was the monument disregarded as the clean up was done when the building was finally torn down in 1971. If she looked for it for 3 years bringing the date to 1974, was the granite monument put back at the factory site or was it stored from then until 2013 when a new metal marker was placed in front of River City Grill and the granite one was moved to its location next to City Hall?

A couple of other previous posts about this monument.

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