People Don’t Always Remember What They Remember

I once had a friend, Gerry Young, that mentioned in a conversation that we were having with an Equipmemt Salesman that he used to play on the same football team with Johnny “Ham” Jones.

The fellow was very familiar with Ham Jones and what a good player he was. He even remembered some of the great tackles, and QB sacks and interceptions Gerry had made during his years of playing for the University of Texas.

There was only one problem, Ham and Gerry played high school football together for the Pied Pipers of Hamlin, Texas not for the Longhorns.

After the guy left I said to Gerry, I didn’t know you played football at UT. He said “I didn’t but that fellow got so far into his story before I realized he was talking about UT. Then I didn’t know how to break in, so I let him just keep on talking”.

We both got a kick out of that conversation. Every time the salesman came back around he’d ask Gerry if he had heard anything out of Ol’ Ham. Gerry would politely steer the conversation away from football.

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