My Harvey Penick Story

This really isn’t about Harvey Penick per se, instead involves his daughter. I used his name because it will grab ahold of just about anyone that has ever played the game of golf or has connection to The University of Texas.

Below tells the Harvey Penick Story, and what he has meant to the game of golf:

Mr. Penick owed a ranch down the road from us when Kenny and I were growing up down on the Bull Creek out of Jollyville. This would have been in the early 1960’s.

I think it was Mr. Penick’s weekend get-away, but at the time of this happening his daughter was living there. She had a German Sheppard and a Collie.

Us being goat people, we had to always be vigilant about dogs getting into and killing our animals. It was an acceptable practice at the time to shoot any dog found on your property that was endangering your animals.

Cec found the Penick dogs killing our goats one day and he shot and killed the German Sheppard, but the Collie got away and headed home. He was aware of where the dogs lived so he went up to tell the young lady that one of her dogs wouldn’t be coming home. I think the real reason he went was so she would know to keep the Collie penned up and not let it roam freely.

As you can imagine she didn’t take the news very well, declaring that her dogs were very well trained and would never be involved in such a thing. Of course the Collie ran up and nuzzled her and had blood all over him, but that didn’t change the fact that this barbarian had just admitted to killing her dog.

With Cec feeling like the message had been delivered he returned home and shortly thereafter the Sheriff’s Dept. showed up. I’m not sure if he was arrested for killing the dog or the manner in which he addressed the officer.

He was released when he posted a $15 cash bond. As far as I know there was never anything else came from this, nor should there have been.

Perhaps a city cop didn’t know the rules of engagement in the country but his superiors did.

FOOTNOTE: Harvey Penick was 87 before his book became the best selling sports book in history.

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