The Very Unlucky Little Dog

Several years ago I was taking some folks a lawn mower on a 2 axle. I’m not going to mention names. These people aren’t on Facebook, so there’s no reason that someone should bring this up to them and cause us all to relive that nightmare.

These folks raised these little miniature wiener dogs. When I got out of the pickup, there were several of them circling me, as if they were racing, yapping every step. I walked around back and dropped the first ramp, being careful to time it so there wasn’t a dog around to be struck.

What I didn’t realize, one had cut under the trailer to get an advantage in the race. A millisecond faster or slower and the corner of the ramp would have missed the little fellow. It never even flinched. As it ended up I was responsible for killing that woman’s favorite little dappled miniature wiener dog.

There just wasn’t anything I could say that was going to make it any better. I got the mower off and departed as quickly as I thought was appropriate.

I always like to think things happen for the best, but I could never shine a bright light on that incident.

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