The Future Is Much About Our Past

I’m not sure if I should try to hide from this fact or embrace it with open arms and take satisfaction in it.

Back on November 5th, 2018, I switched to the blogging software WordPress, which is a free and open-source content management system for writing. Then I link it to my stories on Facebook instead of directly entering them.

Much of what I’ve done for the past couple of months is rewrite previous stories, cleaning them up and making them make sense. I figure that many of you may be rehearing them, but getting to the age many of us are, repeating ourselves is a fact of life.

This morning I got a notice that I’ve just done my 100th post using WordPress. There may be some wisdom in what my son Mike, (he helped get me over to WordPress) has told me about pacing myself. But like most everything that has been my life, its pedal to the metal or nothing at all.

I am enjoying perusing the old stories and bringing them back around for the newcomers to The Angora Chronicles.

additionally it sure has been nice to have the addition of several others contributing their content here. It is my hope we can continue to get more and more people willing to give us a part of themselves.

I asked each one of you to step up and let us hear about one of your past or current adventures. Injecting some new life blood into this thing we call The Angora Chronicles will always be welcome, needed and enjoyed. Who knows, maybe you too will get the writers bug.

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