Cadillac Horse Trailers

The Old In-Line Horse Trailers have all but disappeared. When I looked online, I could scarcely find any. I finally found the two photos below.

We always called them Cadillac Trailers. Not sure why, but I guess a fancy Cadillac Automobile could pull one without much effort. But then I thought, is it possible that a company named Cadillac Trailers made them? I called my brother to enquire as to his knowledge on the matter, knowing he once had one.

He had bought it to pull behind one of those conversation party vans that were really most popular in the 80’s. He said his was a Wiley Trailer.

He did leave me with one piece of advice: Never load a stud horse in front and mare in heat in the rear. He said by the time he got to where he was going that stud horse had completely kicked and wrecked the gate between them. In fact I think that’s when he retired his in-line trailer.

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