It Took Me Weeks To Figure Out Why She Was Upset

Not long after we married in 1971, I came home with Madeline a brand new 1972 Dodge Demon automobile. It was an absolute beauty. White with a White Pearlescent Vinyl Top and Snowy White Interior. Very sporty but not in a hot rod sort of way. More in a very hot, young chick sort of way. That baby had all the beauty and innocents that my new wife had.

My Dad had gone with me to Austin to buy it. I needed him to drive my pickup back.

What better thing could a new husband do than go buy the little woman a new car and drive up at home and surprise her with it? Well maybe take her along and let her pick it out. In time she bought into it and all was well. She loved that little car.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. Never go buy your wife a new car and surprise her with it. I learned that lesson so well that I can guarantee you I never made that mistake again except maybe another half dozen times. There is something about getting to a car lot and seeing what you know will be the perfect car for your wife, both mechanically and style and the exuberance of the moment taking over.

At least I know better now after 47 years.

(Imagine this car with no black stripes)

2 thoughts on “It Took Me Weeks To Figure Out Why She Was Upset

  1. Owned a similar Dodge Dart with a broken sunroof…it was full of leaves and leaked when it rained,but only on turns luckily…bought from a heavy set guy who had broken in the drivers seat very wife had to place a cushion on the seat so she could see over the steering wheel…


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