Reuben Sandwich

Not that anyone asked, but my favorite sandwich is a Reuben. I can’t tell you the first time I had one but I can tell you I’ve eaten a bunch of them. Most likely I’ve eaten more that I’ve made myself than all the ones from various deli’s and sandwich shops.

We went to the Famous Katz Delicatessen in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago when we were there. There’s is very good. Actually the corned beef they have is what sets theirs apart. I was a bit disappointed that they don’t grill the bread. But with the quality of the meat, I can overlook the bread issue. Now that’s a $27 sandwich you see in the photo.

I figured that the history of the sandwich that it came over from the Old County, with the sauerkraut and all. Looking it up, I didn’t find out for sure of it origins, but it looks like a truly American invention.

(click this link below to see the history of the sandwich)

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