Johnson Sewell Ford in Marble Falls (below is a comment I left on a couple of internet sites in the comments section)

I dealt with this dealership on behalf of an elderly woman about a decade ago.

There was a young lady from Burnet that had a serious liver disease. She had less than dependable transportation. Her elderly grandmother wanted to give her the best opportunity to get good healthcare when she needed it. She loaned the granddaughter money to purchase a new Ford car. With that she would be able to travel for dialysis and other treatment without worry. She died a month or so later.

While visiting with the grandmother a few days later she told me the story about the car. She had spent most of her savings to buy the car. I told her I would talk to the dealership and see how much of her money we could recover. When I called Johnson Sewell Ford and told them the story, the sales manager put me on hold for just a minute, or maybe less. When he came back to the phone he told me to bring the car back and they would refund 100% of the purchase price.

I’ll never forget the look of joy on the old woman’s face when I told her. My only regret is it took me over 10 years to acknowledge the kindness this dealership showed to a lady, when they had no expectation of selling her another car. They truly are a great dealership.

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