Glenn at the Circle Inn

A favorite story told by many puts Glenn Lewis at the Circle Inn on a Saturday night. It was one of those hot summer nights that caused people to not always get along. Glenn and another patron got into a fight and the Proprietor, Alice Sayers ushered them outside. Alice wasn’t someone you wanted to mess with. (I know, I’m married to her granddaughter)

Rather than get in his pickup and leave, Glenn walked to the back of the building (he had consumed huge amounts of beer) and took the back off of the old huge swamp cooler that blew damp cool air across the dance floor. As he relieved himself, the moist cool air turned to a fine mist of urine as the squirrel cage fan slung warm piss the full width of the dance floor.

Glenn wasn’t in the best graces of most people that were there that night. But like many things Glenn did, most people got over it fairly soon.

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