Planting Bluebonnets

One of the last activities I remember doing with Grannie Ruby, my Dad’s birth mother, was walking down our driveway where the soil had been loosened by the blade of a motor grader when I’d graded the road. We gave her a sack of wildflower seeds, heavy on bluebonnets, that she carefully sowed.

Madeline and several of the boys were there that day as we walked along with her down the long driveway. We turned around at the highway and caught the other side as we returned to the house.

She looked so at home doing that type of thing. She had worked in the fields much of her first fifty or more years. Then once she moved to the city she worked in her yard right up until her later years, always having a nice lawn and beautiful garden.

Every spring since, when the bluebonnets bloom along the driveway, they are a reminder of her. Whether coming or going we enjoy our drive.

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