Technology Is So Great…….

…….that is if you understand how to use it. My case in point.

I’m making a long drive today, alone. My wife listens to audio books very often when she drives. She swears it really makes time and the trip pass by faster. She suggested I download some books to listen to while I drive.

I figured her suggestion had a dual purpose. Besides making my trip go faster, it would keep me from listening to the news so much. I don’t know where she ever got the idea that I’m a news junkie, but we shall not even delve into that.

I started down the road and had the book on the CarPlay. It’s the one I thought she was most highly recommending. She had even said how much she enjoyed the narration of that book.

I wasn’t ready to give up on the book but it did seem to drag. Many times as you get deep in a book things will get better. That wasn’t the case. The farther I drove the drowsier I felt. By the time I got to Austin I decided maybe I just needed something to eat. Yeah, eat something and that will wake me up.

As I got out to go in the place I grabbed my AirPods, and thought maybe I’d listen a bit during my down time. Or maybe I could find a more lively book to listen to.

I ordered my food, and started messing with my iPhone and the AirPods. Within a few seconds I discovered why that book was dragging, why it droned on and on. Once I switched the play from 0.5 speed to 1.00 speed, it became a more lively voice to be listening to.

What the hell is wrong with me?

One thought on “Technology Is So Great…….

  1. You ask “what the hell is wrong with me?” I wonder if your wife has any clues, and whether they might be related to her impression that you listen to too much news.


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