A Minor In Possession

It was 1969 and the weekend of the rodeo in Burnet. Saturday afternoon rolled around. My “68” Red SS 396 Camero had the beer iced down in the trunk. It was too early to head out to Burnet so I was cruising the streets of Marble Falls.

Roy Jackson, of the Smithwick Jackson’s flagged me down. Roy was the age of my dad. He had kids my age. Times had been hard on Roy, he was without transportation. Drinking had cost him almost everything. “Boy, run me out to Fuzzy’s Corner”. I tried for awhile to make excuses to not take him, but I finally gave in. I figured by the time I took him out to Fuzzy’s at Buchanan Dam, that I could drive slow and go directly to Burnet and then the others would be there by that time.

So we took the road out through Kingsland and when I got to Fuzzy’s I was going to pull up front and drop him, then go. Roy said no, “pull around back and let me finish this beer because they won’t let me bring it in”. That may or may not have been his real reason, but I pulled to the back of the place. We set there for a pretty good while. A Llano Deputy drove by slowly and then went on toward Burnet. I finally got Roy out and decided since the cop had just headed toward Burnet I’d take another route, so pulled out and headed back to Kingsland.

Llano County was much different than Burnet Co, so we knew not to mess around there, if we wanted to stay out of trouble. I got no more than a mile down the road and another officer pulled me over. I think I was being double teamed.

Being a kid in a Red Camero, sitting in the back of Fuzzy’s was very suspect. When I explained that I wasn’t there getting beer, like they thought, I was only delivering Roy.

I guess I wasn’t very convincing. Before they were done, two cops were there and treated me like a common criminal. They took my ice chest and beer, then wrote me a ticket for Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

That spoiled any hopes I had for a fun night, so I headed on back to Marble, forgoing the rodeo all together. When I got to town I found our local City Marshall. I knew he had been a Llano Deputy prior to coming to Marble Falls. I told him what had happened.

He told me to look him up in a few minutes, so I did. I was told to be on Top of Kingsland Mountain at the scenic pull off at 11:00 PM and have $100 with me. And come alone, he said.

I had to run around borrowing a little here and there to come up with the money. The City Marshall, One of the Llano Deputies and I met. I handed over the money. With the transaction complete I ask if I could have my ice chest and beer back. I was told “get on out of here”.

I guess they already had plans for the beer.

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