Kenny and the Bird Condo

The picture below is of a birdhouse. Not just any ole birdhouse. This is a bird condo. This is like 50 bird birdhouse.

One day there was an old fellow sitting on the side of the road with this gigantic birdhouse that he had built and had it for sale. This was at a time when Ken would have a drink or two before he would head home. He decided to stop and inquire about the birdhouse.

I don’t remember the exact money deal so I’ll just make up something close. The guy said he wanted $300 for it. Kenny questioned how well built it was, perhaps thinking he could talk the guy down. The guy wouldn’t budge on the price. One thing lead to another. The birdhouse was sitting on the edge of a big concrete lined ditch about 5 or 6 feet deep.

Kenny said “if you say your birdhouse is so well built, then I’m gonna kick it off in that ditch and if it holds together I’ll pay you $400, but if it comes apart I’m getting in my pickup and leaving”. I think the old fellow had had as much drink as his customer had. He said “you just go ahead and kick it off there”.

Kenny took his foot and kicked it off the edge. It hit the bottom with a crash. But somehow it was still completely intact. Kenny paid the man the $400. Then the real show must have gotten underway. They both got down in the bottom of the ditch and somehow managed to wrestle it up out of there and got it loaded in the back of Kenny’s pickup.

He found an old cedar stump right at the top of the hill beside the driveway that he mounted it on. It’s been there for well over 15 and looks better every year.

I never pass by it without laughing to myself about the story of the Bird Condo.

This was taken through the windshield as I was driving down his driveway one day. The bird condo is sitting prominently atop that rock retaining wall.

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