Hey Y’all I Have A Serious Question

When someone recommends a book to you, and as you read it, it has very sexually graphic parts in it, how do you feel about it.

Are you left thinking –

Why am I reading this trash ?

The author could have done this book without such language?

Why wasn’t I warned more about this?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a 70 year old male prude. I can read just about anything. Books can be very graphic and I’m not bothered at all by it. Life in itself is very graphic. The human animal can be very graphic. So many books nowadays border on pornography.

My only problem is recommending a book that has a lot of blood, sex and gore in it, not wanting to offend others sensitivities. On this group, The Angora Chronicles, we deal with a number of issues, but we maintain a certain amount of decorum.

So is it enough to say, hey folks I have a book I highly recommend you spend your hard to come by money for and attach a disclaimer on it? Is that enough?

Of course, if I’m reading this, it may actually seem to be a hook that causes you to want to wrap your hands around this book just as fast as Amazon can send it to you the paperback version for $14.95 or as quick as you can download it to my Ebook reader $6 and some change.

I guess in my own way I have forewarned you about the book I’m going to tell you about.

Jim Hard is someone I knew as a young boy. We grew up together during our adolescent years on the upper end of Bull Creek just out of Jollyville. His new book is set during the time period and in that area where we were raised.

While I found it to be mesmerizing, I come at it from a completely different perspective than most people will. I found so many different nuances contained in the writing that few others will, that the book has very special meaning to me.

That being said, I think Jim has assembled a book that is very entertaining and well put together that a wide variety of people will enjoy.

I seldom read books like I did at one time, as my concentration has left me. I tend to fall asleep easily while reading. But I started this book a couple of evenings ago, and found myself still reading it at 4:30 AM yesterday morning.

Of course now I’m anxiously awaiting the next book in what we are told is supposed to be a trilogy.

Let me know if you decide to order it up and what you thing of this book.

3 thoughts on “Hey Y’all I Have A Serious Question

  1. As one who reads quite a lot, I’ll always read the reviews and appreciate when a fellow reader attaches a disclaimer regarding cursing, graphic sex scenes etc.
    Now that you’ve described a little of the author and your issues of the book, I will naturally look it up on Amazon and Half Price the places I normally buy from, and should I purchase and read I’ll post a follow-up. I seldom recommend any books because when I have no one seems interested enough to comment.

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  2. Ronnie, I think you did a very good job in this post: You have warned that it has graphic sex, gore, and language that many will find offensive. Having said that: a number of your friends would think, “Well, that’s not for me!” So you would have done them a favor by the early alert. Your responsibility thereby ended when you gave the early warning…. Other readers might, however, run as fast as they can to get a copy of it, being brave enough to get past conventional sensibilities in order to be captivated by a great ‘read’. The early warning absolves you of responsibility toward any folks who feel captivated by your description of a ‘good read’. I think it sounds very appealing! Suzanne Sanders in Austin

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