Things Are So Much Different Now Than They Were 50 Years Ago

When I was a teenager, you could get a gun pulled on you and not end up dead.

During a two year time frame, my junior and senior years, I was on the receiving end of a handgun four times. Each circumstance was way different from the others. But back then people knew how to point a gun at you and not pull the trigger. Now when someone shows you thier gun, there is a good chance they are going to shoot you.

In fact out of those four incidents, there was only one time that a gun even discharged. That was down in Houston. Perhaps that was my own fault. The fellow may have accidentally pulled the trigger that time. But we’ll never know. The one officer of the law that drew his gun was just a Nervous Nellie. I’m not sure he would have shot us. It would have been an accident, but we’d have been just as shot anyway.

I’m glad they all turned out the way they did. It seems like I grew up at the right time. Watching Westerns in the movies and on television, most of the time when a fellow unholstered his gun, he was going to shoot someone. Seldom did they threaten or use it as a way just to intimidate. That’s the way it seems on the true crime shows we see on television now. I think people had more sense back in the 60s. There weren’t all that many shootings, much less killings.

Below are the stories of my four encounters.

A Typical Friday Night Growing up in Marble Falls

Bexar County Deputy

Fred’s “57” Chevy

The Mean Streets Of Houston

Anyone have any stories of this sort involving close encounters?

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