Just Because I Claim To Be Perfect, Doesn’t Mean I Am

A few days ago, while making a Meals on Wheels run, I made my last stop by this one lady’s place. I make hers last so I feel free to stay and talk longer.

We’ve been taking this lady meals for quite a while. My wife exchanges books with her, as they seem to enjoy the same type of reading.

Being alone last week on the run, Madeline was off on a rafting trip in Colorado and Utah, the lady mentioned she had read everything on the place and that she was going to re-read something. This was my intro into bringing up The Angora Chronicles book. I happened to have a copy in the truck. I signed it for her and off I went.

I showed up back at her place again yesterday. She informed me that she had read the whole thing and really enjoyed it. But she did find an error in it. In the story “The Hitchhiker” about Kenny running up on the bridge railing, I mean some guy driving him ran up on the bridge railing. Then low and behold the guy ran off down the river to never be seen again.

I had called that the North San Gabriel River Bridge. It’s not however. It’s the Middle Gabriel. She should know because it borders one side of her property.

She remembered the incident. She said her husband, whom has been deceased many years now, heard it and went down to investigate.

So I hereby declare that there is at least one inadvertent mistake in that book. Oh well, nothing is perfect.

5 thoughts on “Just Because I Claim To Be Perfect, Doesn’t Mean I Am

      1. Oh, I’m around. I just hit 584 days in a row for posts here. That means there’s a lot of dross in there, but maybe a jewel or 2. The Bible is an awfully long thing to put into songs. I’ll be at it for at least 2 more years!

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      2. I need to go back and listen. I got out of the habit.
        As much undesirable stuff that there is to listen to and my love of church music, should be a great combination.


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