Do What? Dodge Used To Build A Truck/Tractor

It’s difficult to have a conversation with my sons about trucking in the old days, when the type of truck I’m trying to describe can’t even be found on the World Wide Web. (I’m still looking – I don’t give up easy.

I am speaking of a long broad nosed Dodge Heavy Haul Truck, that probably was discontinued in the early to mid 1970s.

Neither of these trucks below are the one, but at least speaks to Dodge at least building a Heavy Truck Tractor at one time.

Anyone know the truck I’m talking about? They weren’t very popular and must be real dinosaurs now.

Overall not a bad looking truck
Some info on Dodge Heavy Trucks

I finally found this photo of the model I was speaking of

I had a fellow tell me there is one parked in nearby Kingsland, Texas. I’m going by to take a look next time I’m over that way.

It’s strange as we get older the things we think about.

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