The Story That Really Shouldn’t Be Told

There was a guy once that left Houston, where he currently was working, to go with his wife and a son to Augusta, Ga. to visit another son that was there training with the US Army.

This absolute idiot of a guy decided to go on the Atkins Diet while traveling. Not the brightest move I’d say. If a person eats only meat, cheese and eggs for several days, his regularity is not exactly in check if you know what I mean.

The Atkins Diet Plan instructs you to take Psyllium Fiber to help with the above condition.

The time to take a bunch of psyllium fiber may not be right before you head to the airport to take a two plus hour flight back to Houston.

The other thing that a person should heed, is to do actually as the instructions say: Mix the powder with water. Never eat spoonfuls of the powder.

Timing being what it was, perhaps eating the powder could cause a sudden and unforeseen need to visit a restroom, just as the seatbelt signs come on as the plane was on approach to Houston Intercontinental Airport. That sudden urge could turn into panic at touchdown. Psyllium fiber can take complete of control your life.

Driven by a completely uncontrollable urge to get into the bathroom will cause a fellow to charge through a full airplane aisle of those deplaning in, the wrong direction. Pushing and shoving folks that are in his path with sweat pouring from his every pore.

With the deplaning complete and the cleaning crews onboard and trying desperately to make entry into said restroom, it becomes an awkward situation for everyone.

All I can say is I wouldn’t suggest doing any of the above. Especially if the two fellow family travelers and a daughter in law, that came to pick them up after the trip, are waiting in the parking garage for you to finally get out there. The looks of amazement are nothing that can even be explained.

If I remember correctly those people wouldn’t even speak to me on the ride back to our apartment. I think no one knew what should be said.

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