Our Life Amongst The Oak Trees

I guess you could say I have a love-hate relationship with Live Oaks. There must be a hundred trees in this yard. Okay maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But there must be fifty. Okay, I’m willing to lower that to thirty, just for the sake of not having to count them at this point in time.

You know that there are always leaves aplenty to get rid of once March rolls around. You know once get the leaves are up and gone and then the blooms start falling.

The blooms are far worse than leaves. They are all over everything outside and easily tracked inside. They stain the outdoor furniture and destroy automobile paint jobs, unless you stay after them, washing everything off soon after they fall each day.

As the blooms start to subside, you know a good strong wind with a hard rain would take care of them, once and for all for the season.

Today there are still a few dropping, but we haven’t seen a good rain to finish them off. But I noticed there are a couple web worms or oak rollers crawling around on the patio. They make you long to have leaves and blooms falling on everything. Maybe it won’t be a year that they are everywhere. Some years are worst than others.

Knowing it is only a few weeks and they’ll be gone, but by then but it will start getting so hot it’s not always nice and comfy sitting outside. But than a long hot summer will fad into fall, the real time to enjoy sitting under the Oak Trees.

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