Parking a Little Close.

I pulled into a parking space that has a tree right up close by it this morning. Noticing how close it was, I was hesitant to get out and go in, thinking that would be a fine mess if I forgot it was there and swung into it as I back out later. I’m living dangerously today so I decided to chance it, and walked into an appointment.

That made me think about one time I went into a podiatrists office in South Austin and parked right next to the building. This was in the early 80s. I went in to have surgery on both my big toes for in-grown toenails. As it would have it Kenny had ridden over with me to be sure I made it home safely. I was in a new 81 Buick Riviera. It was the last parking space anywhere close, so I let Kenny out before I pulled in. He would back out for me when we got ready to leave so it being tight wasn’t a real issue.

We went in and then Madeline showed up for moral support a little later. It was taking a lot longer than it ever should have, to get me back. After a long wait Kenny got antsy about getting to a meeting. He got Madeline to take him to his pickup at the office as she left to go get the boys from school. So that meant I was there without moral support or a driver.

It was finally my turn and I went back, he deadened up both big toes at once and went to work. If I remember correctly after he bandaged me up he put on some shoes without toes in them and sent me on my way.

I remember walking out of there awkwardly on my heels, not putting pressure on either big toe. The deadening was beginning to wear off.

By the time I was seated in that bucket seat all I could think about was getting out of there and getting home so I could get off of my feet. I paid no attention to that ledge-stone building I was parked next to, so I cut it hard backing up. I knocked several stones off the corner and most likely left a lot of my maroon paint behind.

I got on out of there and made it home. I think I justified not notifying the people inside that doctors office by thinking “they didn’t have any business letting me leave there without a driver”. Besides if they had not kept me waiting so long I would have had a driver.

Anyway today I kept my wits about me and made sure I didn’t steer into that tree.

I’m proud to say that was the final episode I ever had with in-grown toenails.

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