There’s Always More To The Story…..

This was an early Angora Chronicles story.

The Doubled Tailed Quarters story is always a favorite of mine. When Kenny got one of the original books from me yesterday he took it and really dissected it last night and this morning.

He called a little while ago, to ask why I didn’t finish the story about the Doubled Tailed Quarters. I knew that was coming so I had my ready answer.

That rest of the story was the hook to get him on here and involved. Anytime that story gets told, he always adds the karma part, the last laugh for him.

It doesn’t appear he will take the bait, so here goes: a trip to Vegas, a guys weekend was planned shorty after the quarters were lost and gone. We resumed our Odd-Man Out game with him, Coy and me.

We flipped to see who bought airfare. I lost.
We flipped to see who paid for taxi fare while we were in Vegas. I lost.
We stopped at a swanky golf club to load up in hats. One of every color for us all three – that was the big deal in that day. I lost.
We had been in a hurry to leave out of Austin so had parked in Short Term Parking for a few days. That was several hundred dollars. I lost.

I’m still not sure, but I think I was cheated somehow. But I could never prove it.

Luckily we were all 3 almost broke soon afterwards so we didn’t have to play that stupid game anymore.

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