I Had No Idea What All I Had Stored Away Up In My Head.

When the Angora Chronicles first got started I didn’t bother to take inventory of how many stories I had in my head and I sure didn’t know if anyone else would be willing to tell a few stories of their own. So for this to carry on for more than seven years is kind of a miracle in itself.

The screenshots below, of a very early post, makes it seem like I thought after a week or so I was about to run out of something to say. Of course 7 years and 3 month later, a few stories have grown into more than 1500.

I really want to thank everyone that has stepped up and contributed. I also give thanks to the ones that read and comment on all the stories.

Below when I talk about Fast and Furious, I’m referring to Operation Fast and Furious, a US Government Program where members of our Government handed previously confiscated guns over to Mexican Cartels, with hopes of tracking them and putting bad guys in jail. But instead a huge percentage of the 2000 weapons involved were never seen again. That was very much in the news at the time – 2014.

The reference to Madeline “falling across my casket” was made, because I had just told a story where she and I went to a funeral where that actually happened.

2 thoughts on “I Had No Idea What All I Had Stored Away Up In My Head.

  1. Ronnie, please keep on telling those stories that pop into your head. Your narrations of your life are some of the most entertaining bits that I read each week. For so long as God continues to give you breath (and fingers to type), continue to send these things out. And when your fingers don’t type any more, get someone to take dictation. You have an audience (even if our hearing fails us).

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