A Year Long Wait, For Nothing

It just occurred to me that I seldom order anything that I can’t get next day shipping. If I buy something I want to touch and feel in right then and there or at least the next day.

People ask why I don’t order new cars or trucks, so I can get them exactly like I want them. I always think, what if I order it and it takes 2 or 3 months to get it, and then it isn’t exactly what I want. That could happen, easily.

I can order a pizza for delivery and I’m pacing the floor, waiting for it to get here. And more time than not, it’s not exactly what I ordered but I eat it anyway.

Now for what I think caused this my reluctance with ordering things.

When I was working in Burnet, doing my first contract in 1972, Glenn Lewis and I went the Lampasas and ordered a new pair of boots each. His was cowhide, but being a big shot contractor, I went for the Ostrich hide. We got measured and I thought every few days about my new boots.

The boot maker was Jones. Jones made boots for every old cowboy around. It took a year to get a pair made. We paid half then and would pay the other half when we picked them up. My boots were $500. A huge sum for that time, but it was the very best leather money could buy for a pair of boots.

A year later we were working in Austin and Glenn got a notice that his boots were ready, so we caught the next rainy day and drove up to get our boots. We got there and Glenn got his boots. I inquired about mine.

“We didn’t make yours because we couldn’t get the leather for them and when we finally found it, the price was much higher than we usually pay”.

I was so mad, I left without getting my deposit money. I don’t think I ever got it, but I’m sure it was my fault being so hasty in leaving that day.

That is probably the reason that I never like waiting to get anything. A yearlong wait for nothing.

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