The Ugly Phone Call

I was sitting in the office one morning and had received several solicitation calls. I was busy and was fed up with all nonsense calls when the phone rang again.

It was an area code I didn’t recognize at all. I picked that phone and the guy said “Hello Ron, This is Dave out here in New Jersey”.

I launched into a complete tirade about how sick I was of getting these $:;@/”:?!)$ phone calls, and to never call here again. He had sounded just like the several other telephone salesmen I’d already heard from.

He said “no, no I’m with such and such Construction Company that is getting ready to start that big project in Austin that you sent us a bid on. I just wanted to tell you that we want to work with you on it”.

Now it was time to for me to start my apologizing and damage control. Not one of my prouder moments.

He accepted my apology, we did the project and all ended well.

I always figured he had gotten plenty of those aggravating calls also.

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