We Took All The Boys Skiing

Soon after our trip on our Lake Tahoe Ski Trip, when I didn’t learn how to ski, Madeline was ready to take the 5 boys on their first ski adventure. I say Madeline was ready, because I had already retired from skiing after one trip to the top of a mountain. But figuring the boys would all go to ski school and then being young they’d catch on fast and everyone would have a good time. I didn’t mind just hanging out for a few days doing nothing.

Madeline had made reservations at a nice resort in Keystone, Colorado. The boys were out of school for a few days. The plan all along was to go, get everyone settled in and I’d stay for the weekend then fly back to Texas Sunday evening. Madeline and the four younger boys would stay a few more days. Matthew, the oldest had something going on so he was going to fly back with me.

Everything went as planned and Sunday morning Matt and I took the rental van back to the Airport in Denver. Madeline and the other boys would take a shuttle to the airport in a few days.

This was prior to cell phones. Mobile phones were installed in our vehicles at that time. There was no a way to get ahold of me to let me know that Madeline had taken a fall almost as soon as we left. That left her with a severely twisted knee and four boys all younger than 10 years old to fend for herself a 1000 miles from home. It was only after I was back home in Dripping Springs that I found out.

I felt badly about her situation. I offered to return but she assured me that the worst was over and she’d be fine. She could sit on the balcony at the condo with her leg propped up and watch the boys ice skate just out from her.

I’ve always regretted not returning to assist her.

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