I Had No Idea It Would Happen So Quickly

When two teenagers were joined in Holy Matrimony at the Church of Christ in Marble Falls on the Saturday afternoon in a small ceremony with family and friends attending, never did I realize that one day fifty years later would ever get here. Of course I hoped to always be married to the same woman, but a 50th Anniversary just seemed so far out in the future I couldn’t visualize what that would look like.

Well it’s here and we will be celebrating this evening. My 4 daughter in laws worked on a nice big party that would include family and many friends. A Grand Affair, at least for us.

Unfortunately I had to ask that we put a lid on those plans a couple of weeks ago. I feel like a real heel because the girls had come together with some fantastic plans.

I had hoped that I would find relief from my shoulder situation and be able to enjoy such a celebration. But that wasn’t to be. Being around a lot of people while doped up like a zombie just wasn’t in the cards. So we shall enjoy a much abbreviated party here at home with a small gathering of our close family this evening. They all know what an a-hole I can be when I don’t feel well, so no surprises.

Back to the fifty years. If ask back in the beginning if I had a goal of how long this would all last, I would say “I just hope we can see our 50th”. But now that it is here I would really like to stretch it into another 10 or 20 years. I kind of enjoy hanging out with this ol gal. I think I found a goodun. The only thing I really question about my wife is why she stuck it out with me. There had to have been an easier way. And I’m serious about that.

One thought on “I Had No Idea It Would Happen So Quickly

  1. Happy anniversary Ronnie! Wish you both the best!
    Today is Our anniversary we celebrate 34 years, we haven’t hit the 50 mark but we are working on it! We will follow your lead!
    Happy anniversary hope it’s the best!

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