Eating Beans Is The Thing Most Country People Have In Common.

Just about everyone I’m kin to and grew up around depended a lot on pinto beans as their main course many evenings.

I remember when we lived down on the creek, out of Jollyville, getting off the school bus and making a long walk home. Before we would get to the front door I’d know there was a pot of beans on the stove.

Those beans would be our afternoon snack after a hard day at Pond Springs School. Because we wanted something to eat right then, we would eat the beans that still had a firmness to them. Perhaps that was pinto beans al dente. They still had another hour or so to cook before daddy made it home and we had supper together. By then they had a good squishiness about them. That was when they had the best taste.

For me, the ones we ate when we first got home were the best. At that time the cornbread was yet to be made. So it was a bowl of beans, couple of slices of light bread, slice of onion and a bottle of pepper sauce. You know, the little bottles with chili pequin peppers and vinegar. Even if the beans were still to firm to be good, by my definition now, it was a very good after school snack.

Of course dinner time brought on the cornbread. I wanted it crumbled up in the beans and more to eat along side, that was slathered with butter. Those were the times.

On this subject, I really don’t like going to a BBQ place and get served bean that aren’t quite cooked enough. I always think, they needed to put that pot on to cook about an hour earlier. It’s not like I’m just getting home from school.

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